Who is Nico Weesjes?

After completing a technical education, Nico studied to become a ships carpenter. At the age of 15 Nico solely hand built a speedboat, working at a luxury yacht marina in Voorschoten at the time.
A couple of years later he managed to build a luxury yacht completely made of wood all by himself (pictures under "Mijn andere hobby's").

He then got his entrepreneurs degree and studies economics at the Institute of Social Sciences.

After that, he literally put all his time into the shop fitters company that he owned. At the end of 1996 the company was sold due to health issues.

Much of his time then was spend on the new house. When that too was finished he took a number of arts and craft classes at the local university such as bookbinding, photography, wicker basket weaving, upholstery, painting and icon painting.

In 2002 Nico started building a pipe organ. Literally every part of the organ he made himself. Whether it be the couplers, the metal and wooden piping, the metal bellows or the manuals, he made it all. Only the paintings on the casing were painted by Rubens but printed and varnished by Nico. On the casing of the pipe organ, Nico painted the assignment for the pipe organs: “Cantate Domino”, or ”sing for the Lord” because of successful treatments of cancer. EO TV 4 februari 2015.
Finally, in 2006, the initiation concert could be given. To listen to the moving tones from the organ, please click on the fragment.
The results are fantastic! In total Nico has worked a staggering 968 hours on this pipe organ.

Well, that project also came to an end. After a lot of ups and downs health wise, the time had come to start something new!

From 1975 until 1981 Nico has flown with the "Flightclub Rotterdam". Both Robin and Piper were the planes he flew there. At one point, the annual flying hours needed to maintain his license weren’t achievable anymore, and he had to give up flying.

But by the time Nico was ready for a new challenge, computers had come so far, that Flight Simulators had triggered his interest. So Nico started flying in his computer simulation.

The computer screens left wanting for more, and in April 2009 a friend offered up the idea of building a cockpit to fly in. After all, he had the time and room for it!

Thanks to a friend, who is also a flight fan, the electrical part of the cockpit is also tackled without too many problems.
And so all the ingredients for making a cockpit come together to make successful project!
EO television 4 febr. 2015